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CorrCAD is the latest addition to SES’ powerful software packages aimed at solving practical scientific and engineering problems realistically and accurately. CorrCAD has been developed to tackle a large variety of cathodic protection design tasks and related issues on land and offshore. CorrCAD main function is to determine the degree of corrosion control provided by a system. Typical application of CorrCAD for corrosion control includes impressed cathodic current protection systems (ICCP) and use of sacrificial anodes in anodic protection systems, where anodic current is impressed on corroding material to enforce passivation.

Another application of CorrCAD is to estimate the effect of stray currents such as those produced by HVDC electrodes or dc rail traction systems on the corrosion of buried metallic structures. It can evaluate the corrosion status of the structure and help optimize the location and characteristics of the corrosion protective system (such as ICCP) to minimize stray current interference effects on protected structures such as pipelines.

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System
Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System

Main Interface, Cathodic Protection System Design and Corrosion Evaluation
Main Interface, Cathodic Protection System Design and Corrosion Evaluation

Technical Highlights

The CAD based graphical user interface offers a complete and simple solution for defining complex networks accurately, displaying and editing the protected structures and their protection systems, computing and examining the results. CorrCAD uses the MALZ or HIFREQ (future) computation module as the main engines to carry out the computations. Furthermore, a new computation module that accounts for the polarization electrochemical process based on polarization curves or equivalent polarization parameters was developed to carry out the required iterative process until convergence is achieved.

The CorrCAD computation modules consider polarization effects, i.e., the computation module does consider the polarization resistance. The stress voltage is the potential difference between the metal potential and soil potential at the reference point, and it does include the polarization potential. The potential drop across the coating and the soil potential drop to remote soil are both considered as IR drop that should be eliminated from the cathodic protection effectiveness evaluation. The real effectiveness measure of the CP or direct characterization of stray current interference level is the polarization potential. That being said, CorrCAD:

CorrCAD offers the possibility to determine the corrosion effectiveness considering experimental polarization data such as polarization curves. When there is a good coating on the pipe, CorrCAD computes the current density by using the provided coated steel polarization curve, then eliminates the effects of IR drop, so that the coating protection current density and corresponding over-potential are accurately obtained.

CorrCAD Capabilities

The CorrCAD software package capabilities are summarized as follows:

Intuitive Interface and Powerful Functionalities

CorrCAD provides a highly intuitive graphical user interface that simplifies and reduce the time needed to specify the parameters of the system to be analyzed. The main features and functionalities of this interface are: