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Software Packages for Electrical Interference

The Right-of-Way software package is a powerful tool for accurately computing voltages and currents transferred from electric power lines and cables (by inductive, capacitive and through-earth coupling) to pipelines, railways, communication lines and other such utilities, whether buried or aboveground. The Right-of-Way software package consists of a powerful set of integrated engineering software modules designed to accurately analyze these interference problems and provide mitigation with a global perspective, starting literally from the ground up.

MultiLines is the ideal tool for calculating the line constants of any complex arrangement of conductors, including cables, pipes and pipe-enclosed cables, whether buried or aboveground. It also computes capacitive and electromagnetic induction effects on ungrounded conductors and electric fields generated by energized conductors in air. Moreover it can be used with distribution and transmission lines to determine residual and fault current distributions between a central grounding system and all conductor paths including neutrals, shield wires, metallic sheaths and counterpoises. Furthermore, detailed inductive interference analyses involving grounded or ungrounded conductors can be conducted accurately using MultiLines+.

 Overview of a Typical Interference Study (PDF)

I. Overview of a Typical Interference Study    

II. Summary of Data Needed for AC Interference Study

Appendix E - Data Request for AC Interference Study: Power Company

Appendix F - Data Request for AC Interference Study: Pipeline Company

Appendix G - Data Request for AC Interference Study: Railway Company

Appendix H - Data Request for AC Interference Study: Telephone or Telecommunication Cable Company

Appendix I – Soil Resistivity Measurements

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