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Software Packages for Grounding, Earthing

The MultiGround family of applications, (MultiGround+MultiGround and AutoGround) are three powerful and high precision software packages dedicated to grounding analyses and conductive coupling studies. SES has developed these packages for engineers and scientists who specialize in grounding and conductive interference and who demand accurate, no-compromise solutions.

The software package from SES, AutoGrid Pro is a powerful, yet easy-to use tool which provides a simple, integrated environment for carrying out grounding studies. The software package consists of several integrated engineering modules that are designed to study the effectiveness of grounding installations with respect to electrical safety both of personnel and equipment, allowing you to suggest improvements to existing installations or design new installations.

Finally, the latest software package developed by SES in 2004, AutoGroundDesign is the only fully automated software package that can analyze and design grounding systems without the intervention of the user between various phases of the design.

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