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Software Products

SES offers the most powerful software packages in the industry. Whether you are confronted with a complex grounding design, EMF studies, electromagnetic compatibility and interference problems or a lightning/surge study, you can rely on the accuracy, effectiveness and integrity of our applications for a realistic, optimized solution.

Complete Solution Package for Grounding / Earthing, EMI, Lightning and Shielding Analysis

CDEGS: - The complete software to analyze problems involving grounding/earthing, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic interference, lightning, shielding and environmental impact assessment.

Classical Grounding / Earthing Software Packages (Low Frequency, Equipotential Systems)

AutoGroundDesign: - Automated grounding / earthing analysis software package including the capabilities of Automatic Configuration and Dimension of Electrodes that meet a specific earth Resistance target.

AutoGrid Pro: - A fully integrated grounding analysis software package. It includes the AutoGroundDesign software package.

AutoGround: - High Precision software package involving two-layer horizontal soils. It includes AutoGridPro and AutoGroundDesign software packages.

MultiGround: - High Precision software package involving multilayer and arbitrary soils. It includes AutoGridPro and AutoGroundDesign software packages.

MultiGround+: - MultiGround Plus, SESEnviroPlus, SESTLC Pro and SESShield-3D software packages.

Extended Grounding / Earthing Software Packages

MultiGroundZ: - Grounding/earthing design package for large substations, power plants, HVDC substations and electrode design, solar power plants and hydroelectric power plants. It includes the MultiGround software package.

MultiGroundZ+: - MultiGroundZ Plus, Right-of-Way Pro, SESTLC Pro, SESEnviroPlus and SESShield-3D software packages.

Electromagnetic Fields Based Software Packages (Grounding, EMI, Lightning and Transient Analysis)

MultiFields: - Unique package which allows you to model a system consisting of both aboveground and buried conductors. It can be used to model microwave antennas, waveguide, transformers, and pipe-type cables and ideal for studying wind farm, gas Insulation substations (GIS) and gas insulated lines (GIL) design and analysis.

MultiFields+: - MultiFields Plus, Right-of-Way Pro, SESTLC Pro, SESEnviroPlus and SESShield-3D software packages.

MultiFieldsPro: - MultiFields Plus, MultiGround and SESShield-3D software packages.

AC Interference Analysis Software Packages

Right-Of-Way Pro: - A powerful integrated software package for the analysis of electromagnetic interference (EMI) between electric power lines and adjacent installations such as pipelines, railways and communication lines.

SESTLC Pro: - A simplified analysis tool useful to quickly estimate the inductive and conductive electromagnetic interference levels on metallic utility paths such as pipelines and railways located close to electric lines, as well as the magnetic and electric fields of arbitrary configurations of parallel transmission and distribution lines.

Line & Cable Parameters Calculation Software Package

MultiLines: - Ideal tools for calculating the line constants of any complex arrangement of conductors, including cables, pipes and pipe-enclosed cables, whether buried or aboveground.

Electrical Environmental Impact Assessment Software Package

SESEnviroPlus: - For the design of overhead AC and DC transmission lines. It quickly estimates line parameters, electric fields, magnetic fields, scalar potentials and corona parameters (loss, radio noise, and audio interference) associated with arbitrary configurations of parallel transmission and distribution electric lines, with any number and type of aerial conductors.

Lightning Shielding Analysis Software Package

SESShield-3D: - A powerful graphical program for the design and analysis of protective measures against lightning for substations and electrical networks. Its 3D graphical environment can be used to model accurately systems with complex geometries.

Latest addition to SES’ powerful software packages

CorrCAD: - CorrCAD is the latest addition to SES’ powerful software packages. Its main function is to determine the degree of corrosion control provided by a system. Typical application of CorrCAD for corrosion control includes impressed cathodic current protection systems (ICCP) and use of sacrificial anodes in anodic protection systems, where anodic current is impressed on corroding material to enforce passivation.