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For transmission lines with operating voltages in excess of 345 kV, the key cost-determining factor of the design are legally imposed measures taken to limit radio interference, audible noise and corona electric field (for DC lines), generated by corona resulting from high electric field levels at the conductor surface. Reduction of the interference, noise and corona electric field can be accomplished by increasing the conductor size or the number of conductors per bundle or by moving the conductors further away from one another, keeping in mind that the overall geometry is important. All of these measures have a considerable impact on cost: for example, simply raising 735 kV tower cross-arms by 1 m has been known to increase the cost of a line by as much as 10%! Power loss due to corona, during operation, represents another concern. Despite the obvious economic importance of optimizing a design with respect to corona effects, until now, no commercially available software adequately addresses this design problem at present. SESEnviroPlus has eliminated this heavy burden.

The SESEnviroPlus software package is an analysis tool for the design of overhead AC and DC transmission lines. It quickly estimates line parameters, electric fields(with and without space charge effect), magnetic fields, scalar potentials and corona parameters (loss, radio interference levels, audible noise) associated with arbitrary configurations of parallel transmission and distribution electric lines, with any number and type of aerial conductors. The field and corona parameters can be evaluated at any location in the space around the lines or at the earth surface. The corona parameters calculated for high voltage lines are the surface gradient, the corona loss (W), the radio interference level (RI), and the audible noise level (AN). To aid the designer, the corona impact of individual phases, circuits or lines on corona-related parameters can be evaluated. The program is able to handle AC and DC lines as well as hybrid lines for the calculation of the static electric field and corona electric field (for DC lines), the scalar potential, the magnetic field and the gradient.

Technical Features

Analytical Methods Used in SESEnviroPlus

SESEnviroPlus is based on the following analytical methods:


The following shows the main screen when SESEnviroPlus is loaded.

A large variety of plots can be produced easily using the SESEnviroPlot tool. The following shows this tool as well as a few sample plots that it produces.