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Data Request for AC Interference Study: Telephone or Telecommunication Cable Company

  1. Provide scaled maps of communications or media cables (including fiber optic) that parallel the path new 345 kV transmission line. Information concerning underground duct bank configuration (if any) is also required.
  2. Location of switching, control and amplification equipment and enclosures, including details of electrical grounding.
  3. Location and manufacturer of electrical surge protection devices, whether independent or integral to other communications or media equipment. Provide information regarding the maximum continuous operating voltage (MCOV) and maximum current or energy rating.
  4. Provide information pertaining to the manufacturer specifications of any overhead or underground communications and media cable(s) that parallel the path of the new 345 kV line. The specifications should include both electrical and mechanical construction specifications. These specifications, for example, may include cable diameter; sheath material, diameter and thickness; dielectric material and thickness; etc.
  5. Provide information pertaining to the installation of any communications or media cable, such as locations of and methods used for electrical grounding; typical height above ground; typical depth below ground; etc.

Resource Person

Please provide the name, telephone number, FAX number, and e-mail address of a resource person who can respond to inquiries related to the data requested above.