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Software Support and Upgrade

All software license purchases include 12 months of Additions, Enhancements, Updates, Maintenance and Insurance (AEU-MI) service. With an active  AEU-MI you will receive software patches and updates, including new features and improvements.

SES’s acclaimed  Extended Technical Support service is provided by an internationally recognized team of engineers and physicists, whose research activities have resulted in major contributions to leading scientific organizations such as ANSI/IEEE, IEC, NACE, etc. With an active Extended Technical Support service, you will be entitled to engage this team with unlimited requests, whether for general engineering support or advice on any topic within their considerable realm of expertise, including guidance on how to apply the software to your designs and projects. For most software packages, one year of  Extended Technical Support is included at no additional cost. This service also includes benefit from our  Additions, Enhancements, Updates, Maintenance and Insurance (AEU-MI) service.

Support Renewal Fees

Following the initial twelve months of complimentary support, users have the option to renew their service annually for a fee that is based on the license fee, i.e. the price originally paid for the software:

Extended Technical Support Service (ETS-AEU-MI)

22% of license fee (minimum of 1 unit)

Additions, Enhancements, Updates, Maintenance and Insurance service (AEU-MI)

12% of license fee (minimum of 1 unit)


1Minimum fee to reinstate a cancelled AEU-MI service is the total that would have been paid for the same service during the inactive period.
2With an active  ETS-AEU-MI  service, you may continue to rely on the assistance and advice of SES’s experts, who provide support via e-mail, web conference, or telephone.
3One year of AEU-MI service included with purchase of AutoGrid Pro (Uniform Soil & Fault Current Distribution), AutoGroundDesign (Lite), AutoGroundDesign (Uniform Soil & Fault Current Distribution); ETS may be purchased separately. For all other packages, one year of ETS and AEU-MI included with purchase.

Our ETS-AEU-MI services includes:

  1. Installation support

  2. Unlimited Extended Technical Support, including:

    1. Modeling challenging scientific and engineering problems

    2. Technical advice on obtaining reliable field measurements

    3. Assistance with assessing and diagnosing EMI issues

    4. Any other topic within the realm of expertise of SES’s R&D Division

  3. Software Additions, Enhancements and Updates

  4. Protection against loss, theft, or damage of software license keys

Painless Upgrades

As the scope of your project broadens, you can easily upgrade to full CDEGS suite or simply add one or more of its many packages as per your requirement. The upgrade option is only available to users covered under AEU-MI or ETS-AEU-MI. SES grants non-exclusive licenses for a period of 50 years to use any module of the software. All shipments include a USB 3.0 that contains manuals and video tutorials for each software package. You have a unique opportunity to acquire powerful, useful, and fully tested scientific software at a negligible fraction of the cost required to develop, code and test similar software packages. Moreover, we are confident that you will recover the cost of the license fee in just a few major engineering applications. This is what thousands of leading electric, pipeline and railway utilities, consultants, universities and research organizations worldwide have already experienced.