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Why SES?

1. Its products and services comply with the most stringent requirements related to validation, documentation, technical support, updates and innovative leading edge solutions.
2. Its unsurpassed software and engineering support.
3. Its computation abilities unavailable anywhere else.
4. Its simplicity of use.
5 .Its exchange data with AutoCAD/Micro Station.

SES's guiding principle is the belief that every customer desires, deserves and requires individual solutions for his/her unique needs. Therefore, the company custom designs its tools, programs, applications, procedures and services to suit the specific situation of each individual customer.

The software development department writes, tests and validates the software code required to implement, on various computer platforms, the analytical models developed by R&D team. It also provides sophisticated and efficient input, output and graphical interfaces to the newly developed code.

Finally, the applied research and development department incorporates and implements the technology generated by the other departments, while contributing important feedback necessary for improving existing techniques and the advancement of R&D activities.

All three departments interact continuously with each other and with each client to ensure an ongoing synergy of ideas and information.

The company's wealth of knowledge is accessible to customers via state of the art software packages, engineering applications and R&D services, comprehensive hands-on training sessions and a telephone/fax/email technical support hotline.