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Expanding the Boundaries of Engineering

SES's qualified team of experts have succeeded almost single-handedly, in transforming electromagnetic interference and grounding analysis from an inaccurate and highly empirical engineering field to an exact science. Alltogether they have published more than 300 technical papers and reports in international scientific journals, developed advanced measurement and interpretation techniques as well as sophisticated engineering software packages.

To insure that each dedicated member of the team maintains a global and current perspective of SES' activities (i.e. analytical R&D, applied R&D, computer software development and technical support), each member is periodically assigned to tasks in other departments. In addition, the company's dynamic hands-on approach to applied research and development requires that all members spend time providing engineering application support to customers and working on a wide range of projects.

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A discussion on Grounding, Electromagnetic Interference and the Power System Industry published by SES Employees.